Self Service Is Back At Yogurt Brothers

16 Great Flavors

Cake Batter Yogurt

A rich texture, plus the sense of a thick condensed cake, providing the refreshing and light feel only frozen yogurt can deliver. Indulgence meets self-care.

NSA Cheesecake Yogurt

Between the creamy texture and the spectacular flavor, you are bound to have a sensory experience like no other.

Chocolate Yogurt

A word that is synonymous with indulgence itself, chocolate is never a bad idea. The Universal mood-enhancer, happiness in a scoop, a fail-proof lifter of spirits.

Coconut Milk Soft Serve

Made with real coconut milk, for everyone on a vegan diet. Our coconut milk frozen yogurt is a delight! Creamy, smooth, and refreshing like nothing else.

Cookies & Cream Yogurt

We've managed to take a warm hug and turn that into a frozen yogurt flavor. It melts in your mouth as it melts your heart and fills it with nothing but warmth and happy vibes.

Cookie Monster Gelato

"C" is for Cookie, It's good enough for me. Good Enough? Hardly.... our Cookie Monster gelato is absolutely delicious. Best of all, its Blue!

Irish Mint

A seasonal favorite brought in for St Patrick's Day. We don't think you will find as refreshing of a mint taste anywhere else.

Lemon Velvet

Spring is in the Air and Lemon Velvet Gelato is back at Yogurt Brothers. Get it before it's gone.

Mango Sorbet

Luscious and creamy, this mango frozen yogurt is everything you need on a beautiful Colorado day. Its icy cold, sweet, and very refreshing.

Orchard Cherry

You can spend all day cherry-picking the best cherries on the Orchard, or you can experience the same tasteful delight by simply stopping into Yogurt Brothers for our soft serve.

Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet

Some say the bold flavors of Pomegranate and Raspberry were made for eachother, we agree.

Strawberry Shortcake

Imagine yourself in the strawberry patch under an unwavering bluue sky, filling a deep basket with delicious crimson strawberries. Go ahead, reward yourself, have some.

NSA Raspberry Yogurt

Little fruit that pack a mighty flavor-punch, they go well with both chocolate and vanilla, not to mention any of their forest-fruit siblings.

Original Tart Yogurt

It tastes great, and it's so incredibly refreshing that you just can't get enough of it. Get some when you're feeling down, it will most definitely brighten up your day.

Toasted Marshmallow

Camping in the cold may not be for you, but Toasted Marshmallow will keep you dreaming of summer all winter long

Vanilla Yogurt

Vanilla is like the Keanu Reeves of sweets. I mean... who doesn't like Vanilla?!? Smooth yet tasty. Suave, but with a commanding presence. Subtle yet captivating.